Traveler Profiles


Important: The following applies only to travelers who do not have the option to utilize an online booking tool (GetThere or Concur) to make travel reservations.


CorpTrav is upgrading our traveler profile system security in compliance with PCI/PII Data Protection protocols.
Your login credentials to verify your profile have been sent to your email on file.

Verify your profile here:

Important: You must activate your profile by logging into the system and verifying the information contained in your profile is accurate by Friday, December 14. Failure to complete your profile will result in delays creating new travel reservations after December 14.

If you require a new profile or need assistance, please contact CorpTrav Online Solutions:
1-630-656-6598 -or-



Online Profile Management FAQ

Q: What is happening to my travel profile?
A: CorpTrav is migrating all traveler profiles to a new profile management tool.

Q: Why are you migrating my traveler profile?
A: CorpTrav is committed to utilizing the absolute best practices in safeguarding your personally identifiable information (PII) and your personal credit information (PCI). We are migrating profiles from our current secured profile management tool to a new, robust platform with additional levels of protection and security.

Q: Can I book reservations in this new online tool?
A: For now, the tool is only for profile management.

Q: Can I still go to CorpTrav’s website to update my profile?
A: Links to the previous Profile management page will be removed from Please discontinue using the old profile management tool as this could create delays in the reservation process. You will be provided login information and should perform any profile updates in the new profile management tool.

Q: My information has not changed, so why do I have to update my profile before booking travel?
A: Confirming your profile’s accuracy will ensure CorpTrav has the most accurate information for you. Please review your profile to confirm all your mandatory information is current and complete to ensure your profile is saved to the reservation system.

Q: Can a CorpTrav Travel Counselor update my profile for me?
A: No. Your profile contains PII/PCI information, our travel counselors cannot access your profile information to make updates or changes. They will be able to see information necessary to service your travel needs, but items such as credit card numbers will not be visible to CorpTrav employees.

Q: When do I need to update my profile by?
A: You must update your travel profile by Friday, December 14. Failure to update your profile will result in delays in creating new travel reservations.