Corporate travel is your company’s second largest controllable expense. So it’s critical to know where those dollars are going and what can be done to maximize your return. Whether you’re looking for monthly reports or like to roll up your sleeves and get into some serious data – we have the reporting solution for your travel program.

corporate travel reporting software solutions - Insight - CorpTravInsight is our in-depth travel reporting solution that – along with our highly experienced account management team – provides your organization with the business intelligence and data to make informed, actionable decisions about your managed travel policies and travel program.

Give your business travel managers and administrators on-demand access, 24-7, to your travel data and perform ad hoc reporting and request various reports based on specific parameters such as:

  • Traveler
  • Flight information
  • Travel dates
  • Department
  • Booking dates
  • Cost center
  • Departure dates
  • Invoice/ticket date
  • Arrival time
  • Project number

Insight sample travel program reports

With Insight, you have the ability to create travel reports based on the time frames of your choosing, including historical reports (i.e., year-over-year). In addition, CorpTrav provides detailed reporting to clients on a monthly basis or a customized alternate schedule, if that better suits your reporting needs.



Insightful visual reporting suite for corporate travel programs
Insightful is designed for the busy travel administrator that loves data analysis, but doesn’t have the time to slice it and dice it into visually-stunning, easily digestible dashboards for sharing with executives.

Insightful includes the rich, detailed reporting of Insight, plus a premium visual dashboard suite that allows you to create nearly unlimited visual stories highlighting the successes and areas of focus for your travel program.

Together, Insight and Insightful combine to provide:

  • Responsive dashboards
  • Mobile Access
  • Customized reports
  • Policy compliance reporting
  • 24/7 access to your data
  • CO2 emissions reporting
  • Pre and post trip data
  • Currency conversion
  • Forecasting
  • Custom visualizations

Show the sales team exactly where they stand on compliance. Show your CFO precisely where your efforts are saving the company money. Create and share different visual stories for all the various departments involved in your corporate travel program.
mobile business travel program reporting - Insightful

You don’t have to head to meetings with stacks of spreadsheets. Insightful’s clean, easy-to-use, travel dashboards export into brilliant visual presentations that tell your story.

Prime Analytics

If your company is really into data, CorpTrav also offers Travel Analytics – our premium managed travel reporting offering.

Travel Analytics allows you to benchmark your corporate travel program against companies with similar spend, industry, and geographical location. You can set goals to track spend and policy compliance. You can even create a virtual limitless number of dashboard views, in addition to the ever-growing library of dashboards already created. The Traveler Scorecard is a powerful feature that provides your travelers with live benchmark data about their booking habits, showing them where they stand with your policy goals and compliance scores of their peers.

Learn more about CorpTrav’s robust suite of reporting options!

travel program reporting dashboard analytics