Global Travel Services – Global Travel Consolidation

Travel consolidation can be defined as the convergence of the components of a managed travel program at a regional level. In practice, this means leveraging travel volumes and concentrating sourcing with one corporate travel provider, as well as standardizing travel policies, processes and tools.  When companies consolidate their travel programs, savings come from two principle sources:

    • Integrate Travel Policy and Processes: Aligning travel policy rules across operational divisions and standardizing processes brings the greatest savings. In general, companies standardize three rules: travel policy entitlements, pre-trip approval and advance booking.
    • Maximize Vendor Leverage: Through increased strength in supplier negotiations, companies achieve significant savings on a global basis.

CorpTrav will streamline and consolidate your travel into a cohesive program through proactive management. We understand that providing an effective worldwide travel solution is a combination of balancing global client requirements with local market nuances.  Our success in this area is the result of adopting a consultative partnership approach with our clients.  We listen to what you want to achieve and combine this with our ‘on the ground’ local knowledge to create a solution that works on both a global and local level.  We work with our clients to identify potential obstacles to any global travel strategy and develop plans aimed at facilitating change in a way that achieves buy-in and, ultimately, compliance.

CorpTrav will forge a proactive partnership with your firm to develop a customized comprehensive global solution based on your needs, objectives, and corporate cultures.