Unused Ticket Management

unused ticket management for corporate travelCorpTrav manages your business travelers’ unused tickets, whether you book online or with one of our corporate travel agents, to ensure that the ticket value is not lost.

From your traveler’s perspective, the process is seamless. Unused tickets are applied at the first valid opportunity. Travel managers and travelers do not have to be concerned about losing the value of the ticket.

How It Works
If an unused, nonrefundable ticket is cancelled, the ticket is logged into the traveler’s profile for use on a future trip. Using our proprietary unused ticket program, open and unused tickets are logged into our database. The information pertaining to that ticket such as ticket number, value, and expiration date are written to the traveler’s profile. Our program then evaluates each booking and applies the credit where possible.

CorpTrav’s Unused Ticket Management:

  • Tracks unused tickets for both the traveler and travel manager
  • Automatically updates traveler profiles
  • Saves your team significant amounts of time and money