International Business Travel

For the business traveler, the goal is a smooth and pleasant trip to your destination.

You have business at hand and do not need the distractions that can come with multi-segment, multinational travel.

For the business, while you share the above goal for your travelers, you also have a responsibility to the bottom line.

We understand both needs and will work within your travel policy to create itineraries that delight both the traveler and travel manager.

international corporate travel, international business travel, international travel program, international travel managementInternational Rate Desk

Our international rate desk is administered by highly experienced international faring agents who specialize in faring, tariffing and destination research.

The IRD has extensive experience designing complex itineraries for business travelers and corporate executives.

Our agents, supported by the latest faring research technologies, carefully review all international travel requests to determine the best opportunities for savings.

How does international ticketing work?

Using their experience and cost-reduction best practices, our international agents:

        • Analyze alternative routing options
        • Explore alternative carriers to reduce fares
        • Determine best breakpoints to produce the most cost-effective
          series of trip segments

Added Value

Our international agents can also make any hotel and transportation reservations necessary throughout your trip. There’s no need to make multiple calls or visit multiple sites to plan and book your complete itinerary. You focus on business; we’ll handle the trip.