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CorpTrav’s preferred supplier of risk management solutions is WorldAware. WorldAware provides complete, intelligence-driven Duty of Care and risk management solutions for multinational corporations.

Using thousands of electronic and human intelligence sources from around the globe, WorldAware delivers the intelligence and insights you need to make high-quality and high-impact decisions with confidence.

The value of intelligence is determined by its accuracy and timeliness.

WorldAware’s analysts and subject matter experts are second to none. CorpTrav’s Duty of Care solutions provide you with alerts to keep your organization running without disruptions. WorldAware’s 24×7 monitoring keeps you aware of developing and ongoing situations around the world.

With intelligence-driven Travel Risk Management (TRM) solutions, you can gain visibility into global threats and the impact on your people before, during and after traveling.

Travel Risk Management Solutions helps:

  • You comply with your Duty of Care, quickly locating, contacting and assisting employees globally
  • Your travelers through early warnings of disruptions, helping them avoid or minimize the impact to their safety and productivity
  • Your organization reduce the number of travel related incidents, decreasing operational risks and costs while improving employee peace of mind


Take a virtual tour of WorldAware’s Global Integrated Operations Center:

Intelligence-driven TRM solutions alert multinational organizations and millions of travelers and expatriates about disruptive events before they occur, allowing time to adjust travel or meeting plans. When the unpredictable happens, fast notification provides employees, travel managers and security personnel with the information and advice they need to respond quickly – reducing risks and costs.

Whether you are building a new Duty of Care program or restructuring an existing one, CorpTrav will partner with you to build an effective program that reflects your organization’s unique culture, policies, and practices.


Worldcue® Mobile

Worldcue® Mobile is a multi-lingual app for smart devices. It provides mission-critical intelligence and assistance to employees, pre-trip, on location and in an emergency, advancing your integrated programs.

Embedded alert maps: Users can see their location in relation to the area where an incident is occurring, helping them reduce risk and avoid disruption.

Location/Destination Intelligence: Allows people to get educated pre-trip/assignment; access to evolving intelligence “on-the-go”; People travel w/ more confidence

Important Notices: Created by your company, reminding your people of policies and procedures that should be followed.

Navigation Languages: These include English US/UK, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish

In a Crisis: For immediate help anywhere in the world at any time, Worldcue® Mobile connects a distressed person to a designated emergency contact for assistance with a single tap of the Crisis signal button – while pinpointing their current location. The Hotline and Check-in buttons can also be configured to give you and app users extra channels of communication and support. The Quick Connect buttons can be directed to WorldAware or your own operations center and can also be customized to best suit your organization or program.

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Worldcue Companion®

At-a-glance Alert Feed and Impact Count: quickly identify the potential impact of threats to your organization, including information about who may be at risk.

High-Risk and VIP Travel Metrics: know which of your executives and VIPs are travelling, and which of your employees might be in or going to high-risk destinations. You have the ability to drill down and obtain immediate visibility into potential threats.

My Locations Filter: quickly filter the Alert Feed to show only the alerts for your selected locations.

Dynamic Intelligence, on the go: access the intelligence you want; view location-specific alerts, destination intelligence and security ratings for countries and cities around the world.

Identify Potential Exposure by Destination: Worldcue Companion can help you make better-informed decisions by allowing you to quickly view a list of people by location (country or city) alongside active alerts and destination intelligence.

Full Itinerary and Assignment Details: quickly assess a threat’s impact on your people’s air, hotel, rail or car plans, including those on expat assignment.

Easy Access to Contact Information: get up-to-date contact information for any person in the event of a crisis.


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