A True Corporate Travel Management Solution

Managing your corporate travel isn’t a side job for CorpTrav. We don’t own hotels and we don’t manage credit cards. Business travel management is our only focus.

From travel policy compliance to the highest level of personalized service, we work with you to ensure that your company yields the most for every travel dollar spent.

Your travel program isn’t cookie-cutter and should not be treated like just another number. Your business travel needs are unique to your business. That’s why we partner with you to help design, implement, monitor and manage your corporate travel program to exceed your traveler’s expectations and overall company goals.

Cost Savings through Travel Policy Development & Compliance

business travel management corporate travel policy compliance, corporate travel service, business travel manager, corporate travel agents,cost of business travelDevelopment and enforcement of your corporate travel policy is key to realizing cost savings through your business travel initiatives. Your CorpTrav account management team works with you to implement your travel policies, advise on areas of potential improvement/further savings, compliance and execution.

CorpTrav’s highly experienced account managers are your business travel program advocates that partner with your team to:

  • Develop/optimize business travel program plans
  • Negotiate with vendors on your behalf
  • Keep you apprised of travel trends
  • Conduct benchmarking analyses

All of this ensures your corporate travel program bottom line is minimized while your overall objectives exceed your expectations.

Technology Designed for Your Success

Our in-house technology team customizes the latest in corporate travel management technology to meet your company’s individual needs. We give your travelers user-friendly access to manage their travel in an online booking tool branded with your company’s look and feel.

Quality control of reservations is provided at every level, including policy compliance, lowest logical/available fare, preferred vendor usage and much more.

A True TMC: Managing Your Travel is What We Do

Every department at CorpTrav is in place to better serve you. Learn more about our:

  • Corporate Travel Agents: You have access to the industry’s most experienced agents – every minute of every day of the year. CorpTrav agents are NEVER outsourced and are educated on your specific travel policies.
  • Account Management: Your ultimate weapon for a highly efficient corporate travel program.
  • Executive Team: Our executive team invests their more than 185 years of combined corporate travel management experience in your success.
  • Technology: From the most up-to-date customized online booking tools to reporting tools and metrics, it’s all designed to improve your program and enhance the travel experience.
  • History: CorpTrav is a premiere travel management firm and one of the largest woman-owned travel management firms in the United States. Since 1976, CorpTrav has been focused solely on improving the corporate travel experience.

With CorpTrav as your TMC, you will be provided with proven technology, experienced business travel consultants, innovative cost savings solutions, and an elite level of customer service.