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Business Travel Tips: Flying Versus Driving


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Have you ever sat and wondered if you should fly or drive to that quick business meeting? You’re not the only one. At what distance are you more likely to take your travel to the skies instead of embarking on a road trip? This is an answer that can vary greatly depending on travel policies and personal preferences. CorpTrav breaks down the details below.


The general consensus is that traveling a distance of roughly 300 miles takes approximately the same amount of time driving as it does flying. While a 300 mile flight only takes about 30 minutes, when taking into consideration the time it takes to get to the airport, through security, boarding, etc. it is about equal to driving the same distance in about the same amount of time.


So in theory, when traveling distances over 300 miles it would be sensible to travel by air. Anything less than 300 miles, car transportation would be the most practical choice. For example, if you have business travel from Chicago to St. Louis, you are right on the borderline of traveling 300 miles. Both flying and driving will take a similar amount of time. Which option will your employees choose? Thankfully, having an all-encompassing travel policy can help eliminate any confusion your business travelers may have when organizing their corporate travel plans.


When cultivating your company’s travel policy with a Travel Management Company (TMC) like CorpTrav, you will find that your managed travel program will bring a balance between meeting employee needs while still achieving corporate goals.


Keep in mind that because one mode of transportation might be faster than another does not necessarily mean it is more convenient and vice versa. If you’re ready for input on your travel program, CorpTrav has the insight you need. Contact us today for more information.


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