Business Travel Partnerships

CorpTrav has forged strategic partnerships to help provide expanded services to our clients.

Global Network

In conjunction with our global network partnership, CorpTrav provides an all-encompassing domestic and international presence. CorpTrav is a member of the Radius Travel network, the world’s leading network travel management company. Together, we deliver the whole package to make global work: global contracting, implementation, account management, technology, data, and savings – all with exceptional local service.

Airline Partnerships

CorpTrav holds Primary Account status with every major airline. This status allows CorpTrav to implement strategic soft dollar (free ticket) programs for our clients, as well as negotiated contracts specific to each client’s air spend. These customized programs are sensitive not only to your dollar savings initiatives, but also to high levels of service for your travelers.

The strength we have with air carriers allows us to extend several different programs to our clients, which provide returns in the form of lower than published rates, free tickets, free upgrades, enhanced status, and airline club memberships. Our strategy is to evaluate each client’s needs individually; working with them to determine which programs will benefit their program most.

Supplier Negotiations

Using a combination of our long-tenured vendor relationships, supplier consortiums, negotiated discounts and an analysis of client travel data, CorpTrav Account Managers achieve substantial savings for our clients. The following are just a sample of the relationships and strategies CorpTrav employs to support the strength of our purchasing power:

  • Global Account Status with all major airlines
  • CorpTrav Executive participation in Airline Advisory Boards
  • Dedicated air, car and hotel vendor representatives onsite at CorpTrav headquarters
  • Membership in prominent hotel consortiums