Andy Riegler, Director of Marketing

Corporate Travel Management Solutions - Andy Riegler - Director of Marketing - CorpTrav

With 11+ years in Marketing and more than six in corporate travel management, Andy oversees the CorpTrav Marketing department. From CorpTrav’s website to our presence at corporate travel events and everything in between, if it has the CorpTrav logo on it, it’s come through Andy’s office.

“CorpTrav’s rich and storied history goes back to 1976 when Founder and Chairman Bonnie Lorefice started the company at a time when corporate travel management wasn’t even a thing,” said Andy. “To be part of such a pioneering legacy that continues to innovate without compromising true customer service is what makes this such an exciting role.”

In 2006, Andy was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for contributions to the content world.

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