A Leader in Corporate Travel Management

CorpTrav is one of the largest woman-owned travel management firms in the United States.  With our worldwide headquarters located in Naperville, Illinois and in conjunction with our international partners abroad, we are well-positioned to provide consolidated travel management to our valued clients worldwide.

Bonnie Lorefice opened her doors in 1976 with just three employees. Today CorpTrav employs nearly 150 employees.  Out of the top 100 travel companies, CorpTrav has consistently remained in the top 30 largest travel management firms in the country.  An amazing fact about the company’s steady growth is that CorpTrav was built from client base development.  CorpTrav has never acquired or merged with another business travel management company.  Such success is only achieved through exemplary customer service and dedicated account management.


Your travel needs are unique. We provide innovative,
customized solutions tailored just for you.

– Bonnie Lorefice, CEO

Our clientele is diverse in size, location, mission and need. However, they share a common expectation that a travel program will produce the best business advantage when it is managed in partnership with a team of experienced travel consultants.  CorpTrav is driven by the understanding that strong customer service, combined with the best technology available, can produce results that have a direct impact and a positive effect on your company’s success!

What marks a business relationship that is distinct and valuable is our commitment to knowing and understanding our client’s business goals.  We work one-on-one with clients to build a program that will contribute to your corporate objectives, develop and nurture approaches that support them, and partner with you as a consultant to ensure that your company and all of your travelers are truly satisfied with your travel program.

CorpTrav continually cultivates our skills and knowledge level, increases productivity, enhances technologies and expands our services to benefit our customers.  We look forward to showing you just how well we do it.