Client Testimonials

what our clients are saying - CorpTrav testimonialsWe take great pride in the level of customer service we provide to all of our corporate travel clients during every interaction.

Whether you’re making business travel reservations first thing in the morning, or you’re calling in after hours – you will receive nothing but the very best in customer service from our corporate travel agents.

No matter what time you call, you are guaranteed to speak with a CorpTrav employee agent. Our experienced agents are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and are never outsourced.


“I really appreciate your help and patience with me! I continue to have nothing but positive experiences with CorpTrav.” — David, Vice President, Human Resources, Global Manufacturer

“I was stranded in Cleveland, Ohio due to the SFO plane crash. Tony came to my aid and stayed on the phone with me for at least an hour until my family and I got squared away.” — Executive Assistant to CFO, Financial Situation, Global Financial Services Firm

“[CorpTrav] has the most professional staff I have had the pleasure to work with. Your after-hours agents are fabulous.” — Megan, Global Financial Services Firm

“The management and agents at CorpTrav are extremely competent and provide tutorials/instructions and personal attention to making sure all goes smoothly with new clients.” — Katherine, Private Equity Fund Management

“[I] was very impressed with how Lori took charge, called the airline and got everything fixed so quickly and saved them each $300. CorpTrav was there when I needed help, were very pleasant, went above and beyond and turned things around with your expertise.” — Susan, Large Independent Exploration and Production Company

“I wanted to take a minute out and share with you the above and beyond job that Kendra did for one of our clients yesterday. Kendra went above and beyond for them (again). I just really appreciated her efforts, and the fact that she consistently is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients are satisfied. That to me is a true team player.” — Michael, Global Financial Services Firm

“I am so grateful for your last minute help on being available and able to meet our last minute transportation needs. You gave [us] a huge sense of relief; that feeling in a program as detailed as this one is priceless, so THANK YOU! I greatly look forward to working with you in the future.” — Carrie, Senior Corporate Events Specialist, Programming and Events, Global Financial Services Firm

“…it doesn’t go unnoticed that every time [company] either has a complicated itinerary or it’s International travel around the globe, you always spend time out of your ridiculously busy day to carve out time for our sometimes huge requests of your time and your expertise in the travel industry, a stone does not go unturned and you always have complete and thorough examples of every which way to get our travelers to their destination.” — Sally, Executive Assistant, Real Estate Investment and Advisory Firm

“Abby has done a fabulous job helping me with change after change after change. My guys had to make many quick turnaround changes due to unforeseen circumstances and they were all done in a timely manner and no problems getting everyone where they needed to be, not to mention them being a half a day ahead of us. Thank you again for your service. I am extremely pleased and could not have done what needed to be done in the past month without CorpTrav’s customer service.” — Kerry, Office Manager, Mid-Size Engineering Firm

“I asked Hope for some help on gathering information… she went above and beyond… This was not easily resolved, and actually took about a month, but she never gave up, ignored the situation or told me I was on my own. She saw it through… I completely appreciate good service when I receive it. This case was a total ABOVE and BEYOND level of service that will definitely leave me as a net promoter of your service.” — Susie, Recruiter/Staffing Operations Manager, Social Media Firm

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Betty – she has done and continues to do an unbelievable job in managing [our] travel program by offering up her experience, excellent customer service and all around expertise. It has been a pleasure working with her and as one of the travel managers at [company], I can always rely on Betty to provide top notch service. We appreciate her dedication to our travelers!” — Renee, Travel Manager, Environmental Services Firm

“Just wanted to say that my team here has been very appreciative of the quality of customer service we have experienced with CorpTrav. This last week, one of your service members, Don, went the extra mile in helping arrange last minute travel plans. Thank you so much for your effort and positive attitude, it has made business travel much easier.” — Kate, Water Services Company

“… she really appreciates Abby’s professionalism, exceptionally quick assistance, and her ability to make seemingly impossible situations possible. Abby is always friendly and a joy to work with.” — Kerry, Mid-Size Engineering Firm

“We recently had a few very complex, multi-destination, international itineraries that required tight scheduling and Cary helped us put them together. [We] were super-pleased with Cary. She was able to think of creative solutions, tricks to keep the price down and a demonstrated great deal of grace and patience through umpteen revisions. [We] feel that her service is outstanding and really appreciate the agility with which she does her job.” — David, Executive Assistant, Global Engineering Firm

“I wanted to let you know what a great job Tina did… Somehow she found me the last available room at the [hotel] near the airport. Even the front desk receptionist couldn’t believe that I was able to book the room. …please thank her in person for her excellent customer service.” — Charles, Product Line Marketing Manager, Aviation Parts Distributor

“Jack is simply the most amazing travel agent I have ever worked with. Please do whatever it takes to keep him there. It’s a pleasure to work with him and to know that I can count on his actions 100% of the time.” — Mick, Executive Admin, S&P 500 Visual Computing Technologies Firm

“I wanted to make sure CorpTrav knows how much [company] values the service it provides. It has been another great year of the best service available. It is the people of CorpTrav that make life easier.” — Ron, Electronics and Equipment Restoration Services Company

“I just wanted to let you know that I continually receive outstanding customer service… always friendly, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable about travel.” — Shelly, Executive Assistant to the CEO, World Leading Manufacturer

“I have been very impressed… it has been wonderful working with a travel agency who is efficient across the board. CorpTrav’s staff has done an excellent job with communication, timely travel coordination, answering travel questions, following up with questions when needed and having great attitudes!” — Monica, Administrative Assistant, Independent Financial Services Firm

“You are and continue to be a pleasure to work with……..your customer service is top notch!” — Renee, Travel Manager, Environmental Services Firm

“… incredibly efficient, ALWAYS cheerful and manages to remember everyone’s flight preferences… certainly make our lives easier so I just wanted to say Thank You!” — Alice, Executive Assistant to Senior VP, Worldwide Private School Network

“[CorpTrav’s] availability, willingness to help, and success at rebooking us several times was beyond compare. How fortunate we were, to have capable, kind and helpful people… Thank you ALL for making a really challenging situation as pleasant and manageable as possible. It made all the difference in the world.” — Catherine, Automobile Manufacturer Customer

“While [Betty has] always been extremely helpful in coordinating business travel, [she] recently went well above and beyond… [She was] extremely helpful in her quick, economical and professional handling of the matter… her concern and determination to “move mountains” for me was extremely heartfelt…While each of us has a job to do, not all of us always do it with such grace and character. Thank you for your help, your concern and above all your human touch.” — Travis, Senior Account Executive, National Brokerage Firm

“Awesome! Great service. Friendly and very helpful in finding cost effective flights. Simply Fantastic! That’s what customer service is all about.” — Ernie, Project Lead, S&P 500 Visual Computing Technologies Firm

“I’m not used to such super service …..your people are F A N T A S T I C.” — Angela, Executive Assistant to President & COO, Specialty Health Services Company

“I must tell you I have nothing but good things to say about CorpTrav. Their agents are absolutely top notch! The biggest difference that I noticed with the agents is their ability and willingness to think through a problem or situation. I have also had the pleasure of working with the online help desk frequently as well as customer service – they are all fantastic (and no one ever seems to be in a bad mood or having a bad day – they are always so cheerful).” — Erika, Executive Assistant, Independent Financial Services Firm

“Before I could blink my eyes, not only had Natalie changed his reservation but she had copied and sent me in a separate file – breakfast, lunch, dinner and wine list menus from the restaurant. I was totally impressed. That’s the kind of service and proactive responses [we are] certainly looking for.” — Angela, Executive Assistant to President & COO, Specialty Health Services Company

“If it wasn’t for Melody’s efforts on Tuesday night, earlier this week, I would have been sleeping in the airport. [The airline] failed to protect me on a connecting flight that I missed due to the weather delays and Melody got me on the last seat on a later flight. I don’t know how she did it because [the airline] couldn’t seem to do it, but she did… I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that the whole crew there is great… I couldn’t do this travel thing every week without all of you. You get me there and you get me home. I appreciate everything you guys do for me.” — Joseph, State University

If it wasn’t for CorpTrav, [my] job of traveling would be a nightmare. Thanks to everyone at CorpTrav for being the best at what [you] do!” — Keith, Global Water & Energy Company

“If everyone had the customer service you did, the world would be a nicer place!” — Kris, Executive Assistant, Solar Power Company

“I very much appreciate how helpful all of the agents at CorpTrav are every time I call. I have worked at other companies in the past that used a variety of other agencies, but you guys are by far the best!” — Julie, Sales Administrator, World Class Manufacturer of Aircraft Antennas

“Susan went well beyond my expectations in helping me. Even though I know you have many customers, I felt that I was the only one that counted when she was on the phone with me. It is my opinion that every customer wants to feel that way.” — Gabriel, Senior Nuclear Analyst, Utility Company

“It is fully recognized that a transition of this magnitude with a short deadline could not have been accomplished without the full support and dedication of a world class Travel Management Company. The CorpTrav Account Management team was phenomenal. [Our Account Manager’s] continued support and dedication to our account is vital to achieve continuous improvements in our T&E program and policies. In addition, CorpTrav’s customer service continues to give excellent service for our travelers. Thanks to everyone that contributed to making this a successful project!” — Sarah, Procurement Manager, Global Water & Energy Company